Frequently Asked Questions

We understand if your mind is bursting with questions. But don’t worry! On this page we have summed up some of the most asked questions, trying to explain the complete process from start to finish. If you still have questions you can’t find the answer to on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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  • Can you guarantee my track will be signed to label X?

    No we cannot. We can never guarantee a track will be signed to label X or charted at shop Y. The only guarantee we CAN make is that of the quality of the tracks we deliver. We can deliver high quality tracks similar to that of your reference tracks and if wanted we can help you promote it. But after that, it’s up to you what happens with the track. 🙂

  • Can I influence the direction during the production of the track?

    Yes, of course! We build a track in several stages, notifying you of every change that has been done. After every stage, we’ll ask you for your feedback, so we make sure we’re on the same level and you’re fully involved in the progress of your track. Based on your feedback, we can adjust the track the way you want to.

  • Why use

    Where other ghostproducer companies often sell premade tracks, or tracks build entirely from construction kits, where you have minimum input over the final results, choose to deliver custom tracks, build from scratch, completely following the wishes of our clients. The results are high quality original tracks that will sound exactly the way you want it to sound!

  • Our project is strictly confidential! Will you keep it a secret?

    Yes! Confidentiality is extremely important to us. We will never release any information about our clients or our clients tracks to other parties.

  • Can you deliver the project files? (flp pls)

    If requested we can provide you with the project files. We will inform you beforehand in which DAW the piece of music is produced.

  • How much time does it take to finish a production?

    This depends on the project. It’s needless to say that a big project (i.e. a full track) takes longer to produce than a small project (i.e. an instrument loop, or sample). A customized schedule will be provided per project.

  • Will I receive a contract for the project?

    Yes, you will receive a contract. The contract will include all necessary information on the project and the payments. This contract will include a.o. the ‘Non-disclosure agreement’, the ‘transfer of rights’ and a ‘declaration of exclusivity’.

  • Can you work with my audio files or vocal files?

    Yes we can! However, please keep in mind that the results will depend on the quality of the files you deliver. A bad vocalist will never sound like a great vocalist, no matter how much processing and editing we do. So the better quality files you deliver, the more we can do with it.

  • What payment options are there?

    Within the European Union either money transfer via the bank account or PayPal is possible. For all other countries we prefer PayPal. Before the start of a project we ask for a ten (10) to thirty (30) percent payment in advance, depending on the size of the project, so we know the project is serious.

  • Who gets the copyrights to the track?

    Option one: When the product is completely finished you will become the sole owner of the audio project. You are completely free to do with it whatever you want, all royalties belong to you. Option two: When specifically requested and agreed from both sides a royalties deal is possible. This means you can release a track under your name, yet all rights and royalties will go to us. This does affect the price rates, making the final product cheaper for you.

  • How do you deliver the files?

    All stems will be delivered as 24 bit .wav files. If requested we will also deliver a high quality 16 bit mastered .wav file, ready to send out to DJ’s or publish on one of the online music portals.

  • What is a Ghost Producer?

    A ghostproducer (or ghostwriter) is a producer who produces music credited to another person. Ghostproducers are often used for writing music for popular genres, artists or acts. Visit wikipedia on ghostwriting.

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