Why use a Ghost Producer?

Why use a Ghost Producer? We at Ghost Producer NL strive to bring the best quality of tracks to our clients. Therefor we’ve teamed up with some of the best of the business, in terms of ghost production, mastering and songwriting / vocal recordings. This way we can ensure a high quality track as end result. Due to the experience … Read More

Why I Started Ghost Producing

Hey guys, First a little introduction. My name is Michael de Kooker; producer, all-round music lover and owner of this website. I’ve decided to start this blog to show you a bit of what happens ‘behind the scenes’ at ghostproducer.net. No, no confidential information, but everyday things. Every now and then I’ll post an update about what has been going … Read More

Why you need to promote yourself!

So, you’ve made up your mind. You want to be a DJ, or a producer. Maybe both, because nowadays a DJ cannot make a career without productions, and producers need to tour the globe to be able to generate some income. Good, so you’ve got your goal right there. You want to get your name out there in the (electronic … Read More