Ghost Producer NL is a professional music studio based in the Netherlands, specialized in helping you express your creativity. Whether you’re looking for someone to help you put the final touch to a production, you need a producer for the full process of creating a track or you’d like to have an extra hand on board to perfect a remix or bootleg, you’ve come to the right place! Ghost Producer NL can assist and advice, helping you create the exact track you’ve always wanted to create. Our ghost producers are highly qualified, have years of experience in creating electronic dance music in multiple genres and can translate your ideas into high quality music. Check out our website to see what Ghost Producer NL has to offer and please don’t hesitate to drop us an email if you have any questions.

Ghost Producer Services


We offer premium ghost production services of the highest quality. We don’t only work with artists, but our client base also includes record labels and management agencies, so we’re directly in touch with the business. Since we aim to provide you an excellent Ghost Producer service, we’ve teamed up with some of the best ghost producers – highly qualified with ghost productions, mastering and songwriting / vocal recordings. The results of our work are high quality, original tracks that sound exactly the way you want them to sound!

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Audio Engineering


Besides ghost productions, we also offer mixdown and mastering services. Using these services can help you make the most out of your tracks. We’ll master a track from your mixdown file, or do a complete mixdown and master from the stems of your track. By carefully listening, sculpting and processing the sounds, we are able to take your tracks to the next level. As a result, your tracks will be sounding professional and ready for the world to hear. We don’t compromise, we go for the best quality only.

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Promotional Tools


What you want, is for the big DJ’s to pick up your tracks! We have several promotional tools available. If you need a biography or would like to complete your tracks with a well-written release info text, press release or social media strategies, we’re offering our expertise in professional copy writing. We also offer promotional mail-outs to DJ’s – including a promo text, artist profile and sharp looking design – sent to top DJ’s in EDM, trance or deep-house and techno.

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Following your wishes, our Ghost Producer accurately produces the track you’ve been dreaming of. Resulting in high quality music ready to send out to record labels.


Experienced in commercial radio hits, music in (inter)national charts (Top 40/Top 100), music portal charts, (inter)national TV shows & commercials and much more.


We take our role as Ghost Producer seriously. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We will never disclose any information about our clients to a third party.


It doesn’t just stop with a track. We will help you get your track out there, pointing you in the right direction and answering any questions you may have.


The projects we deliver are of a professional quality. Ready-to-use and kickstart your career. We simply don’t settle for anything less.


It is our goal to ghost produce the track you’re looking for. No compromises. We’re always willing to go that extra mile to create something special.


We’ll provide frequent updates and advice on everything production and business. We are dedicated and determined to meet your expectations.


No false promises or exaggerated marketing terms. We just deliver. Our communication and contracts are straightforward and easy to understand for everyone.




Ghost Producer (or Ghost Writer) is a producer who produces music credited to another person. Ghost Producers are often used for writing music for popular genres, artists, acts or brands. The Ghost Producer remains anonymous and operates only in the background, not seeking to be in the spotlights. With the music industry becoming more and more demanding for artist and acts, the majority of industry professionals get some form of help with their music. From complete tracks written by a Ghost Producer to help with finishing their tracks, mix-down or final master. In the case of most pop music a complete team is involved to write a track, consisting of multiple producers, songwriters, session instrumentalists, mixing engineers, audio engineers and of course vocalists. Within the Dance Music industry Ghost Production is very common. Used by upcoming artists to give a boost to their career, by DJs that are great at performing live but do not have the knowledge or the time to be in the studio, by established and famous artists to be able to release a steady amount of new music while also touring the world, by brands or record labels to establish their identity and by many more industry professionals. So while Ghost Production is somewhat of an industry secret, it’s very common practice. Visit the Wikipedia on Ghost Writing for more information. 



Our ‘all-in-one’ pack is the ultimate solution for the ambitious and driven artist. This package does not only include a premium ghost production, stems and project files, but also delivers you all necessary information to promote both the track and yourself as an artist. Taking your career to the next level couldn’t be easier.

  • Premium Mastering

    Mastering at the studio that has mastered for Spinnin, Armin van Buuren, Armada, Universal, Sony, EMI and many more.

  • High quality mixdown

    Mixed down by our Ghost Producer at around -6 db. Making sure there is plenty of headroom left for the mastering engineers to work their magic.

  • Stems of the project

    Separately rendered stems of the mixed down project. Perfect for remix purposes or for high quality stem mastering.

  • Project files

    Cleaned up and conveniently coloured project files. Perfect for learning or to give the project a personal touch.

  • A&R’s mailing list

    A private mailing list with email addresses to A&R’s of the biggest labels. Making sure your demos will be going to the right person.

  • DJ Promo mailing list

    Get your tracks out there by using this mailing list filled with promo addresses of some of the biggest DJ’s.

  • Other documents

    Yes, there’s even more information on promotion, blogs, radio shows, promoters and other important stuff.

  • A ‘promotion 101’

    Set up your brand and start promoting!. This explains how to promote the track and yourself using the files in this package.


Anonymous Client

I was very lucky to find such an amazing audio engineer and music producer like Michael. He is the best in the business. He is super friendly, very professional, super talented and makes the music sound exactly the way you want and even better. I would recommend working with him to everybody.


Anonymous Client

Michael was awesome to work with , always prompt with his replies and knew exactly what I wanted from the word go. Very professional, friendly attitude & would definitely recommend his services to anyone in need. I look forward to working with Michael again in the future.


Anonymous Client

Michael is just an awesome friendly guy, i’m very happy with the services he provided! I got regular updates and information. everything felt very professional. I can’t wait to work with him again.


Anonymous Client

After having a series of bad luck over the years with con-merchant producers, I lost all faith until I found Michael, he is without doubt one of the best producers in business, he kept me informed of every little step of the project, not to mention the on-going advice and support he has given me. He is really down to earth guy, I look forward to working with Michael for years to come !