Our achievements so far..


Over the years of music production we’ve had some great achievements. To give you an impression, we’ve compiled a small list of some of the things we’ve done. Achievements (Inter) National Radio Charts – Multiple charts in multiple countries. Music Portal Top Charts – Beatport, iTunes, TrackitDown, Spotify, etc. (Inter) National TV Shows – Watched by millions of people all over … Read More

Tip 02 – Mixing Down in 3D – The Box

A mixdown can be something very abstract when you’re starting out with your productions. The pure theoretical definition is “to combine several tracks of audio into a single file”. In general practice the term “mixdown” or “mixing down” is often used as a way to describe the proces of making the most out of your mix. This means volume leveling, sound … Read More

Why use a Ghost Producer?

Why use a Ghost Producer? We at Ghost Producer NL strive to bring the best quality of tracks to our clients. Therefor we’ve teamed up with some of the best of the business, in terms of ghost production, mastering and songwriting / vocal recordings. This way we can ensure a high quality track as end result. Due to the experience … Read More