Our Portfolio

Welcome to our extended portfolio. In this portfolio we showcase some of the demo tracks we have done over the years. We try to keep our portfolio up-to-date with all the popular genres constantly. Because of that, we will be adding new demos on a regular basis. This portfolio represents just a small selection of the wide variety of styles and genres we have produced. Are you looking for a track in a different style? Just get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can help you!

– Helping you express your creativity –

Progressive House EDM Electro House Deep House Tech House Techno Trance House Garage Trap Pop Ambient Electronica Film Score Minimal And Many More Genres…

Demo Reel

To help give you an idea on what our ghost producers have to offer, we’ve created demo’s in several different genres. By letting you hear our own productions, we also show you our own personal creativity, versatility and technical expertise. Please have a listen.

Custom Made Music

Following your wishes, we accurately produce the track you’ve been dreaming of. Resulting in high quality music ready to send out to record labels.

Years of Experience

Experienced in commercial radio hits, music in (inter)national charts (Top 40/Top 100), music portal charts (Beatport, iTunes), big remixes and peak-time original tunes.

Complete Anonymity

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We will never disclose any information about our clients to a third party.

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Future Funk / Soul

Tropical / Deep House Demo

Trap Demo

Tropical House Demo

EDM / Big Room

Melodic Progressive House Demo

Melodic Progressive House Demo

Progressive Trance Demo

EDM / Big Room Demo 2017

Drum & Bass Demo

Deep House Demo #2

Future House / Deep House Demo

90’s Oldschool Demo

Deep House Demo

Progressive House Demo



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